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VR Game Spotlight


VR Game Spotlight is an on-stage video game showcase dedicated to spotlighting upcoming virtual reality games to players around the world. With studios of all sizes and locations eligible to participate for free, we want to provide a platform that truly shines the spotlight on the most exciting games VR will have to offer in the future.

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Callum Hurley



Creating the VR Game Spotlight


I've been working across various facets of the VR industry since 2016, including Games, Events and Social Care. Over time, I grew disheartened at the lack of VR representation at UK-based gaming events, and in 2018 attempted to remedy this by connecting with EGX to host a "Future of VR" panel at EGX 2018. The full audience clearly showed me there was demand for more VR, so I continued hosting VR focused panels and talks across EGX, Rezzed and PAX Online, while introducing VR developers I met along the way to EGX producers to help bring their games to the show floor.

As successful and enjoyable as these panels were, I couldn't stop thinking about what an on-stage games showcase dedicated to VR games could look like. I approached EGX with the idea in early 2020 and they agreed, unfortunately just weeks later, the COVID-19 pandemic would reach the UK and cancel physical gaming events around the world for years to come. I spent those two years reaching out to developers and publishers of all sizes, gathering interest in the VR Game Spotlight, until eventually in early 2022, we got the go-ahead to return to the idea, now with a stellar line-up of content to showcase.

Thanks to all of the incredible studios that worked with me, VR Game Spotlight at EGX 2022 was a resounding success, we filled every seat and even had gamers standing at the back of the EGX Theatre to watch after the seats had filled. We also streamed the show online via Twitch a couple of hours later, which gathered a strong worldwide audience.

This year, I am working hard to make VR Game Spotlight '23 a stronger, more streamlined show. We already have some very talented studios on board, so be sure to keep up-to-date by following @vrspotlight and @MultiCallum on Twitter.

Special thanks to Fast Travel Games who were a big part in making the Spotlight happen and sticking with me throughout the pandemic and many event cancellations. Also a huge thank you to MyDearest, Tripwire Interactive, Fallen Planet Studios, 3lb Games, AEXLAB, Soul Assembly, LAI Games, ForeVR, XR Games, Digital Lode, Fable Bakes VR, Fletcher Studios, Squingle Studios, Color Connect and Stardust Collective for making VR Game Spotlight 2022 a great show.

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