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VR Game Spotlight '23

Rules & Eligibility

1. Participation in VR Game Spotlight is free. Though if you are interested in having your game playable on the EGX show floor, studios participating in VR Game Spotlight will be eligible for a discount on the price of EGX show floor booths.

2. The title you are submitting must be a VR (virtual reality) game or feature a substantial VR mode.

3. The title you are submitting must be unreleased as of October 2024, or have unreleased DLC or substantial updates releasing during or after October 2024.

4. The trailer/gameplay must feature new footage not shown in previous trailers.

5. You can submit your title from anywhere in the world.

6. If accepted, you will be designated a duration for your trailer/gameplay, we will try to be as flexible on this as possible.

What type of content would you like to showcase?
Are you also interested in showcasing a playable build on the EGX show floor?
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